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Abuse toward an elder can also be sexual in nature. Review intent of individuals to remain independent and still receive adequate daily care.

Gaining awareness, receiving more funding, and enforcing laws to protect senior citizens, will move the fight against elder abuse in the right direction. Communities became concerned about the possible neglect and exploitation of those who were mentally impaired and living alone, outside of institutions.

Attempts have also been made to the risk factors in a detailed manner with reference to the continuum of elderly abuse. Adult protective services was created and spread nationwide to address these concerns.

Analysis of new research conducted for this study, to determine present state and recommend further research. When those needs are not being met or even worse when the dependence becomes a burden to another the risk of abuse and neglect can become a serious issue or problem.

Institutional sources would be intentional or unintentional adverse actions and negative attitudes from professionals, such as workers in nursing homes, physicians, nurses, psychologists, and social workers. All states and territories have laws authorizing the use of adult protective services to investigate and respond to elder abuse situations.

Elder Abuse essay

In cases of physical abuse, however, the perpetrator tends to be the son or even the husband of the victim. Victim and Perpetrator Profiles Research findings and reports to adult protective services indicate that the typical elder abuse victim is female, age 75 or older, and living in her own home.

Political and social forums have lent a stage for policy debates related to elder abuse. Etiology of elder maltreatment, i.

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In addition, there are many programs available to help ease the caregiving burden and give elders the support or care that they need. Out of 5, respondents in the study, one in ten reported mistreatment or neglect during the previous year.

It is a practice which has been grouped among other forms of discrimination. Physical abuse includes any physical behavior towards an elder that is violent towards that person e. As low as this reporting ratio seems, it is higher than estimates emerging out of prevalence studies i.

A better work environment will be another high priority achievement. The EAI can be used in any clinical setting to detect elder abuse and neglect and is accomplished by a professional such… Elder abuse Elder abuse is a practice carried out by various groups of people in different set of societies.

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The Science Direct Database offers a significant set of research based and review works that address the issues regarding elder maltreatment, including those associated with. How can those systems be supported and bolstered to respond more effectively to recognize, reports and respond to the needs of elder persons at risk or in situations of maltreatment.

For most people, aging is a gradual and subtle process: Also, nursing and care facilities often receive very little funding; this causes several problems in the system.

Elder abuse and nursing ethics Introduction Given the aging of the population, elder abuse has become more a prevalent and a more serious issue in recent years. "Every year, an estimated 4 million older Americans are victims of physical, psychological or other forms of abuse and neglect.

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Elder abuse essay topics
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