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This bad should be properly labelled using an ESDS warning label. Certification Any work carried out must be inspected and certified by an appropriately licensed engineer with the appropriate aircraft type approval.

Any personal tools that require calibration should be calibrated and monitored to ensure serviceability. With that in mind, the inspection of the brake unit is normally done in-situ on every aircraft during a transit check.

Certification and documentation I would get someone to perform a duplicate inspection if necessary before signing the CRS.

The installation task for a new brake unit requires it to be tightened to a certain torque limit. The next course of action would normally include draining all the fuel in the fuel tank until the contamination has been eliminated.

Introduction Before starting any work, ensure that the aircraft and the environment around the area affected is safe to work on. What are the different types of stress encountered at the workplace, and as an employer, what are the ways to relieve stress of your employees.

Company Supplied Tooling Tooling should be controlled in a secure tool store which controls and records the issue of all tools. Metal Drilling Safety — If drilling magnesium or titanium alloys, always ensure that there is fire extinguisher next to you.

But if you are not successful in your exam, you may contact me privately for some more guidance. During an engine start it is noticed that the No. Once i have removed the card, i will place it in an anti-static bag and seal it. I know the question. The conditions indicate that it is snowing heavily and there is a high probability of ice formation.

To get a fully accurate reading of this, the brakes should be cold. On a major hangar inspection you find corrosion in an unpressurised panel. Safety Always install the landing gear down lock pins and steering system bypass pin is to prevent injury to any personnel working on the landing gear due to sudden retraction.

I would ensure that i am wearing my eye protection before starting the drilling process. Penalty marking systems must not be used to determine whether a candidate has passed. The coolant may seep into and remain in the structure after the drilling.

Describe the procedure to refuel a medium sized passenger jet Include all safety checks that should be observed. Detail your actions to return the aircraft to service.

If everything is found satisfactory, i would issue a certificate to release to service. This method of removal should only be done by personnel who are properly trained and equipped. If a duplicate inspection was required, i would get someone approved to perform the duplicate before i issue the CRS.

I would then cross-refer those measurements with the limitations in the SRM.

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Sep 27,  · EASA Essay Paper Module 10 janettravellmd.com are a JAR OPS organization. Explain how you would set-up an aircraft maintenance organization. 2.

Easa module 7 essay

Describe in detail the process of obtaining a Part Basic License and then describe how a Part quality department can issue a type approvalAuthor: faaiz. Easa part 66 module 7 Essay question and it answers. Please click the question to view the answers. Maintenance practices.

Free Essay: m7 Module 7 Essay Questions 1) Describe how tooling is controlled in a part maintenance organisation. Introduction Tool control within a part.

EASA part 66 MODULE 7 Essay Questions

Module 7 – Maintenance Practices. MODULE 7 MCQ Questions. MODULE 7 Essay Questions. Safety Precautions – Aircraft and Workshop Aspects of safe working practices including precautions to take when working with electricity, gases especially oxygen, oils and chemicals.

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EASA part 66 MODULE 7 Essay Questions

Module 7 essay sample questions5/5(2). The new brake unit should have an EASA form 1/FAA I would ensure that the unit received is the correct unit by cross-checking the part number, serial number, modification status.

Maintenance Practices Easa module 7 essay
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