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This interactive site also has a role-playing trade game and a learning module. Another way to describe it is all the data we have so far. I didn't notice those things at the time, though. It would be suspicious if it didn't meander. Particularly the sort written by the staff writers of newsmagazines.

Stark also noted that in Spain the punishment for a first-time offenses were often light, if any at all. His brief essays address the questions What is Art. The Culture of Victorian London Monuments and Dust is the work of an international group of scholars assembling a complex visual, textual, and statistical representation of Victorian London.

The Digital Michelangelo Project Researchers from Stanford University and the University of Washington are attempting to advance the technology of 3D scanning and place this technology in the service of the humanities by creating a long-term digital archive of some important cultural artifacts.

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It would be exhausting to read. Returning to Scotland, the king heard of trials that were occurring in North Berwick and ordered the suspects to be brought to him—he subsequently believed that a nobleman, Francis Stewart, 5th Earl of Bothwellwas a witch, and after the latter fled in fear of his life, he was outlawed as a traitor.

Their sacrifices, as well as the conversions of thousands of Nigerians and Ghanaians in the s and early s, moved Church leaders. But we wanted to engage a wider audience, an audience that has come to expect more from museums than objects in cases.

Another major German experimental psychologist of the era, though he did not direct his own research institute, was Hermann Ebbinghaus — When I was a kid, I used to think adults had it all figured out. In the things you write in school you are, in theory, merely explaining yourself to the reader.

The Don Quixote dictionary will help visitors reading the work in English with the classical Spanish terms. Mesmerism also continued to have a strong social if not medical following in England through the 19th century see Winter, I find it especially useful to ask why about things that seem wrong.

More often than not I have to change what I was saying as well. Godfathers of the Renaissance This PBS site shows how the Renaissance unfolded through key dates of the Medici family, the Church, politics and culture.

Descartes dissected animals and human cadavers and as a result was familiar with the research on the flow of blood leading to the conclusion that the body is a complex device that is capable of moving without the soul, thus contradicting the "Doctrine of the Soul". The former was developed in the s by Austrian physician Franz Mesmer — who claimed to use the power of gravity, and later of "animal magnetism", to cure various physical and mental ills.

Along with a biography of Cervantes, the Cervantes Digital Library enables visitors to read full-text search able versions of his works and there are both Spanish and English language versions of Don Quixote.


From the forward, a steadily increasing interest in positivistmaterialistevolutionaryand deterministic approaches to psychology developed, influenced by, among others, the work of Hyppolyte Taine — e.

There was a good deal of resistance at first. Good writing should be convincing, certainly, but it should be convincing because you got the right answers, not because you did a good job of arguing. A minimum of 3. The Medici Archive Project aims to provide worldwide public access to the historical data in the Medici Granducal Archive by way of a fully search able on-line database.

An understanding of these theoretically allows the individual greater choice and consciousness with a healing effect in neurosis and occasionally in psychosis, both of which Richard von Krafft-Ebing defined as "diseases of the personality".

But it took five hundred years before someone thought of casting hilt and blade as one piece. Nor has the Church been quite the same. Robarts Library, 14th Floor,www. Albert Einstein: Read about Einstein's astounding theory of relativity and his discovery of the quantum, his thoughtful philosophy, and his rise above a turbulent life including marriages and exile.

This Einstein exhibit contains many pictures, cartoons, voice clips, and essays on Einstein's work on special relativity, Brownian motion, and more. The debate about the “Military Revolution” has been one of the most controversial and exciting areas of discussion and research in the fields of early modern European history and military history.

America on the Move explores the role of transportation in American history. Visit communities wrestling with the changes that new transportation networks brought.

See cities change, suburbs expand, and farms and factories become part of regional, national, and international economies.

Meet people as they travel for work and pleasure, and as they move to new homes. The Military Revolution Debate: Readings On The Military Transformation Of Early Modern Europe (History and Warfare) 1st Edition.

Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia This Spartacus Educational resource concentrates mostly on British history from the medieval era. Contains overviews, essays, images and subtopics such as: British HistorySlaveryRRand Emancipation of Women Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia This Spartacus Educational resource concentrates mostly on British history from the medieval era.

Contains overviews, essays, images and subtopics such as: British HistorySlaveryRRand Emancipation of Women

Early modern history essay topics
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